Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am having problems placing my order.  Can you help me?  

A: Ordering problems are mainly associated with older versions of Internet Explorer browsers. If you have problems making an order, try a different browser (like Chrome), update to a newer version of Windows Explorer, or try one of these options:

1.  Internet Explorer has known problems with many websites.  Problems on our website are mainly associated with the 'create account' page.  Please note you can add items to your cart and check out without creating an account.

2. Download the Chrome browser for free here 

3. Internet Explorer users clear your cache:  Look towards the very top of internet explorer and click on "tools" (note: if you do not see "tools", that means your 'menu bar' is disabled. To enable it, click the 'alt' key from your keyboard). Once 'tools' is open, click on 'internet options'. A new window will generate with multiple tabs. By default, the 'general' tab is open. Look towards the middle of the 'general' tab and click on the 'delete' button. You will now see a new window called "Delete Browsing History". Check all of the boxes with the exception of 'Passwords and History'. A small window will appear indicating the process. Once the small window disappears, go from the 'General' tab to the 'Content' tab. Look towards the middle and click on 'Clear SSL State'. A small dialog window will appear stating 'The SSL cache was successfully cleared.' Click 'ok' in that small dialog window and now click 'ok' again from the internet options window. To finalize, finally, completely close your Internet Explorer browser in its entirety (including all tabs and extra browsers that may be open).  

4.  You may also call us at 858-255-0588 and we will try as best we can to help you, but we are not computer programmers. We're sorry you're frustrated. Sometimes, it's just easier to use a different computer to make the order if you're having problems. 

Q: Can I make a phone order?

A: We can help you order over the phone, but we cannot take credit cards over the phone.  We can take your order and email you an invoice that can be paid securely with a Paypal account or a Credit Card through Paypal.  We do not accept personal checks.  Once payment is received, your order will enter the shipping queue. Phone orders/invoicing will generally delay your order, so it is fastest to order online.

Give us a call 858-255-0588

Q: Do you ship to the UK? India? Hong Kong? Internationally?  Can you give me a shipping quote?

A: We ship everywhere USPS and UPS ships.  Postage is calculated by our website based on your address and shipping options.  Just choose the international shipping option at checkout and you will see the price before you pay and submit your order.

Q: Can you make me a custom order?

A: We can, but please note that ALL custom orders start at a minimum of $250 USD.  The price is based on design, materials, and time involved to set up your specific artwork.  If yo do not have a CAD file that is ready for cutting, we charge $85/hr to program the file for you.  Custom orders will also be put on a wait list (time and projects permitting).

Q: Can I sell your products?

A: Yes, just sign up here.  Retail/wholesale accounts are usually approved/denied within 48 hours.  Minimum orders apply.  If you have questions, please contact us.