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Olson Face Mask Templates - Adult & Child sizes

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These are Small, Medium, Large plastic tracing, cutting, and sewing templates for the Olson face Mask which is a fitted face mask with filter pocket designed by Unity Point Health in Cedar Rapids. Many of you generous sewists have already been making hundreds of these masks that are being widely requested by health care facilities across the country. These templates will speed up your process. 

A video tutorial and free paper templates can be found here: https://www.unitypoint.org/cedarrapids/sewing-surgical-masks.aspx 

Please note I have two designs and two listings for Olson Mask Templates. This listing is for the templates in all three parts; Face, Mouth, Cheek in 3 sizes.  The S, M, L sold seperately have 3 templates each. The S, M, & L set has a total of 9 templates. The other listing I have combines those three Face, mouth, cheek templates with marking lines into one for a more economical purchase option. If you are making hundreds of these masks and don't want to think too hard when cutting them out, this listing is for you. 

Sizing: The large size is the original template put out by Unity Point Health. The medium and small are scaled down for sizing
Large - Adult (Male) 
Medium - Adult Petite (Female) 
Small - Child (around age 6 and up) 

 Just a note, for those of you who have noticed that the paper pattern templates do not line up, you'll be very pleased with these plastic templates as patterns have been adjusted and aligned. 

 These are acrylic plastic tracing templates laser cut from .080" Clear hard acrylic plastic

Here is the best video tutuorial on the  Olson Mask