Digital Wood is an online store and manufacturer of laser-cut marquetry artworks.  We are currently seeking retailers to carry our products.
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The Digital Wood Philosophy
The craft of hand-cut marquetry is time consuming to make, and expensive to buy; these attributes of its singularly meticulous nature means that it does not get enough attention in the craft world and is considered by some to be a dying art form.  Although rewarding, it is practiced by few, and mastered by fewer.  Digital Wood's owner and designer, Christy Oates, is a fine artist with work in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian American Art museum.  A current pioneer in mastering the craft of laser marquetry, she also makes unique fine furniture and began creating hand-cut marquetry in 2005. 
One of Christy's video artist statements gives more of a background on her thoughts as an artist.

Digital Wood Goals
The Digital Wood kits are meant to be an introduction - a vehicle to raise awareness of a craft form and pique interest as a medium.  The application of these patterns are versatile; they can be modified and used as inlays in projects by more advanced woodworkers, but they are also made to be user-friendly.  The fact that they make great kids craft projects, and can be done by beginners that lack the skill or patience to practice the craft in its traditional form is the main focus.  Our hope is that a new generation of woodworkers become more interested in marquetry in all forms as it is introduced to a larger audience.  
This website is a hopeful future hub for laser marquetry hobbyists as we also offer tools for laser marquetry  - like a vacuum bed and sample designs to start building one's own marquetry patterns.  Instructional videos on DIY laser marquetry are currently being produced for the website to share the craft of laser marquetry and its complete process with everyone.

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